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At 3-1/4" deep for the 10" and 3-1/2" deep for the 12", these subs provide deep bass performance where it normally couldn't fit. And the 0.35 cubic foot (SWR-T10) and 0.6 cubic foot (SWR-T12) ideal enclosure sizes mean great bass performance can go just about anywhere in your vehicle.

Premium RG8X CB Coax - 9' or 18'. $19.95. This extra-beefy RG8X coax is resistant to kinks, cuts, door slams & mother nature. 30 Reviews.
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    1. Replacement nut for the J-502, J-503, J-504, J-505, J-503L and J-504L. Red nuts on these jacks typically are used on later model Marshall® amps to designate the speaker jacks. Part #J-5NTR
    2. In stock are Ciare, Faital pro, Eminence speakers, JBL, EV, Jensen, RCF, Peavey, Beyma and Celestion speakers. A complete line of speakers & other products for DJ’s, Bands, and Sound Reinforcement. Repair your old speaker systems with Genuine Eminence Parts.
    3. Lamin-X has the perfect repair solution for damaged or punctured soft top windows. This 2" x 24" strip of 19 mil clear has 3.5 mils of adhesive that bonds to the clear plastic perfectly. It creates a strong, waterproof seal and is transparent enough that you won't notice it at a distance. It is a quick and easy peel and stick installation process.
    4. The Shack Is Back! Shop Radios, Headphones, TV Antennas, Cables & Adapters, DIY Tools & Parts, Electronics Maker Kits, and much more brand new arrivals daily! Don't forget to visit any of our 450+ RadioShack locations across America!
    5. USPS (United States Post Office) USPS First Class International: 1-4 week delivery time. Limited tracking information. USPS Priority International: 1-2 week estimated* delivery to customs with tracking information provided.
    6. SALE15" Bass Guitar Speaker Ampeg, SWR, Traynor, Eden, Replacement P.A. Speaker PMR Large magnet BRUTE! heavy-Duty new! HEMPOSPEAKERS $ 89.99. Add to Favorites 8" Woofer NEW! Subwoofer Speaker Replacement FREE SHiPPING! Infinity EPI Boston Acoustics JbL Advent realistic/Etc.
    7. 11 product ratings - 12 Inch 2000 Watts Replacement Subwoofer PA Audio USB Speaker Woofer Bass Magnet. $34.83. Free shipping. or Best Offer. NEW 8" Woofer Speaker.8 ohm. Home Audio Stereo Sound Replacement.100 watts.8inch. $35.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer.
    8. A blown tweeter diaphragm is more likely, so you should order either a replacement diaphragm for the horn or a replacement piezo tweeter depending on the model of SWR speaker enclosure that you own. FMIC no longer carries replacement parts for SWR products, however your local amplifier service center may be able to find a resource for ...
    9. Thanks for choosing SWR! The amplifier packaging should include the following items: (1) Owner's Manual (1) AC Power Cord (1) Warranty/Product Registration Form CALIFORNIA BLONDE SPECIFICATIONS POWER OUTPUT 120 Watts @ 8 ohms (internal speaker only) 160 Watts @ 4 ohms (using an 8 ohm extension speaker) SPEAKERS
    SPECIALIST IN CB RADIOS AND HF Amplifiers REPAIRS. We are certified technicians with over 25 years experience in the RF & CB field. We are a factory authorized out of CB HAM out of warranty center for Galaxy CB radio, Texas Ranger CB radio , RCI CB radio, Magnum CB radio, Cobra CB radio and Uniden CB radio.We specialize in tube type CB radios ...
Jan 10, 2011. #1. I had a blown driver in an early 90s SWR Goliath Jr. 2x10 cab and just wanted to pass on some info to others who might be dealing with this sort of situation. I knew that cabs are designed for specific drivers and replacement speakers should match as closely as possible with respect to the speaker parameters (Xmax, sensitivity ...

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"I have successfully rebuilt my 2 kicker L7's. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for the videos. Without them it would have been a waste of time and my subs would have been paperweights, instead they are pounding better than when they were new!!

speakers). 2. ANL Switch Activates the ... Tune your antenna using a Standing-Wave Ratio (SWR) meter: set the radio to channel 20, and adjust the antenna until the SWR is as ... Service and repair information Service, repair, or alignment should only be attempted by a qualified and/or licensed radio technician.Re: SWR working pro bass amplifier driver transistors. A higher current rating for the driver transistors is not a problem at all - this number is a rated current for low voltage operation. The transistor can delliver more current and possibly fail, especially at the rather high voltage - The SOA limit is actuall quite low and the transistors ...Premium RG8X CB Coax - 9' or 18'. $19.95. This extra-beefy RG8X coax is resistant to kinks, cuts, door slams & mother nature. 30 Reviews.


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